Why choose RPO service with dotLinkers?

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG

Project scalability


Our RPO service is scalable, which means we can tailor our operations to your needs and fully dedicate as many IT Recruiters as needed to achieve your recruitment targets.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG

Cost reduction


With our RPO service, you can reduce and fix costs associated with the traditional recruitment process. Our transparent pricing policy allows you to plan and manage your budget effectively.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG

Dedicated IT recruiters

Our experienced and fully dedicated team will take care of the entire recruitment process, from creating job postings to selecting the right candidates. This means you can save valuable time and focus on strategic tasks, as we become an extension of your team.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG

Diversity & inclusion value

We understand your industry and strive to create teams that reflect the diversity of your company. We will help you create a work environment where every employee can grow and contribute to its success.



partnering to achieve Your recruitment goals

In today’s dynamic business environment, the recruitment process can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive challenge. Trust us; you don’t have to shoulder this burden alone, we’ve got it covered. That’s precisely why we offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business while entrusting the hiring process to one of the most experienced IT recruitment agencies – dotLinkers. This model is particularly well-suited for large, high-volume projects. You can delegate a portion or the entirety of the recruitment process to us. Our recruitment agency boasts extensive RPO expertise. For us, it’s not just a service; it’s a partnership. We are committed to our mutual success and the long-term growth of your team.

MODULE RPO: Solution for challenges in the IT market

In the face of dynamic changes in the IT recruitment market, we offer an innovative approach to handling recruitment processes. Our module RPO was created in response to modern challenges faced by companies, i.e., excessive application crowding, a lack of quality candidates, or limited time to recruit and process candidates. Check out the potential of modular RPO and choose the right module to suit your current recruitment needs.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG

Create Your Perfect Recruitment Package:

Discover the flexibility of our module RPO offering, allowing you to tailor recruitment solutions to your needs. Just like building blocks, our modules are available individually, enabling you to select only the elements you require. But that’s not all; you can also combine them to create comprehensive and personalized recruitment strategies that perfectly match your current needs. Build your own, personalized recruitment success with dotLinkers.

Build your own Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Module I

Pimp my job: Let’s make your offer look sexy. Definition of requirements, job descriptions, salary and recruitment process analysis.

Enhance the attractiveness of your offer: We’ll refine the requirements for positions, formulate comprehensive descriptions and job postings, conduct thorough salary evaluations, and analyze recruitment processes thoroughly.

Module II

Find my hidden gem: Inbound CVs review, filtering and shortlisting.

Discover hidden talents: We will pre-select resumes, implement effective filtering, and speed up the creation of shortlists.

Module III

Active search: Sourcing, screening, shortlisting.

Engage us in an active search: We will find, screen and recommend the best candidates from the market.

Module IV

Screen’em all: Screening your candidates, collecting information, shortlisting, and making recommendations.

Perfect selection: We meticulously verify candidates, gather relevant information, and present recommendations.

Module V

Schedule hustle managment: forget about scheduling the interviews. Let us handle that for you.

Effective interview scheduling: Let us take the burden of scheduling interviews off your shoulders. Let our team take care of it for you.

Module VI

Final touch: Collecting and providing feedback, offering, negotiating offers, handling rejections.

We are fully engaged in the process of collecting and providing feedback to candidates, negotiating job offers, and professionally managing recruitment decisions, ensuring comprehensive assistance at every stage of their career path.

Module VII

Market Mapping

Comprehensive market mapping services: Let us handle market research for you. Our team will provide a thorough analysis of market structure, trends, and competition, enabling you to better tailor your business strategy and identify new growth opportunities.

What does collaboration with dotLinkers in the RPO model look like?

1. Consultation and planning: We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your recruitment needs and objectives. We create a personalized action plan tailored to your company and industry. Ongoing consultations and planning will form the foundation of our collaboration.

2. Implementation: We proceed with the execution of the plan, crafting job postings, conducting candidate selection, and carrying out qualification interviews. This process is iterative and adaptable to accommodate changing recruitment conditions and requirements.

3. Verification and adaptation: We regularly assess the progress in plan execution and conduct verification to ensure we are on the right track. If necessary, we adjust our action plan, taking into account new information and challenges.

4. Hiring: We identify and recommend the best candidates for your company. The hiring process is based on continuous review and adjustment of the recruitment strategy to meet evolving needs.


dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | RPO model – ENG

dotLinkers is a team of professionals who not only excel in IT recruitment but actively seek out challenges. These challenges drive us, which is why collaborating within the RPO model is an exciting experience - we love it, and we're confident you will too!

Contact dotLinkers to learn more about our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service. We’ll assist you in optimizing the recruitment process and finding valuable candidates who will accelerate your business growth.


Choose our RPO model, and we’ll take care of your recruitment process!

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