Clifford Thames/OEC case study

A British company from automotive industry planned to hire 30 IT FTE in Krakow in 6 months

Required profiles: Java, DevOps, .NET, Scrum Master, DBA, DBE

# of internal recruiters: 0

Established recruitment procedures: none

Client need

One experienced Recruitment Partner from dotLinkers has been dedicated to this project and worked on-site on a daily basis with following tasks:

– In-take of the roles with hiring managers
– Preparing job descriptions
– Posting internally and externally
– Active sourcing/headhunting, screening, interview scheduling with Hiring Managers

Our work

A Project Manager was off-site to ensure the coordination of the process and support the recruiter on-site (sourcing, scheduling, back-up) + being a SPOC for the Client (reporting, advising, answering questions).

Minimum engagement: 20 candidates recruited within 6 months. If not achieved, dotLinkers would have to pursue the recruitment free of charge, until the target is reached.


SUCCESS. Target achieved and contract renewed for additional 6 months.

References available upon request.