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dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | For Clients

Set up your new tech office in Poland

Save up to 46% of your software development costs and set up your R&D centre in Poland – one the best places for startup hubs in Europe.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | For Clients

Already in Poland? Boost your IT recruitment

Work with the most experienced and the one of the largest IT recruitment team in Poland & get access to the hidden IT Unicorns you haven’t seen before.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | For Clients

Recruiting IT specialists from Poland & CEE

We find and relocate them to work for your company either locally or remotely. Boost your development, save time and diverse your team.

IT Recruitment Services for startups and software product companies

We could say that we do talent sourcing, market mapping, RPO, blah blah blah, but we respect your time and we will not tell you to think about the differences between wisely called services. Instead, we will just say: As the most experienced and one of the largest IT recruitment agency in Poland we recruit the best IT specialists for the best IT companies – as simple as that! Therefore, if you are a company that wants to be called “one of the largest in the world …” we are sorry, but you are probably not our potential Client.

However, if you would like to be called using words like “recent”, ”disruptive”, “breakthrough”, “the only one”, “making the change”, “unique” etc. Call us, send us an email or a raven and convince us, we should work for you!

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | For Clients


Kamil – dotLinkers co-founder. He has always wanted to be in the recruitment business. After all these years spent in it, he still feels excitment and passion about every single recruitment challenge, especially the “almost impossible” ones.

Call Kamil or send him an email to share your IT recruitment needs, in particular the tough or the toughest ones.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | For Clients


Artur – CEO and dotLinkers co-founder. Highly experienced manager with over 10 years of success building and running business units within the recruitment industry in Poland, CEE and EMEA.

Call Artur, or send him an email if you represent a company looking to set up its technical team in Krakow or Poland. He will be able to provide you with a recruitment strategic overview and analysis.

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