dotLinkers – Cooperation Kick-off


The kick-off of a new cooperation is always an exciting journey into uncharted territory. It signals the start of a joint venture, promising fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. When initiating a cooperation with dotLinkers, a renowned IT recruitment agency, the process is as seamless as it is comprehensive.

Cooperation kick-off

Contract signature

It all begins with the signing of a contract. This signature represents more than just a legal agreement; it’s the commitment to a shared vision and the first stride on a collaborative path. It’s the assurance that the right resources will be mobilized for your IT recruitment needs.

 Briefing session

After the contract signature, we move swiftly into action with the scheduling of an intake briefing session within the next 24 hours. This time frame is flexible, adjusted to suit your availability. During this briefing, you get the opportunity to elaborate on your requirements, outline your objectives, and identify the core competencies required for your IT roles. The focus is on ensuring a perfect understanding of your needs to shape an effective IT recruitment project.

Internal briefing and roles dispatching

Once we’re equipped with this vital information, dotLinkers’ team holds an internal briefing. Within the next 24 hours, roles are dispatched and assigned among their expert tech recruiters. They make use of their extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the IT industry to match the right professionals to your unique requirements. Each recruiter is entrusted with the responsibility to find the best-suited candidates for the assigned roles.

Sourcing on-going

This moves us to the phase of active sourcing, which is ongoing. The sourcing process is a fine blend of technology and human intuition, utilizing AI and personal industry connections to uncover candidates that not only have the required skills but also align with your company culture.

First CVs submitted

Within ten working days (very often much earlier), the first batch of CVs is submitted. It’s a quick turnaround, yet without any compromise on quality. This is testament to the meticulous and efficient process put into place at dotLinkers. Each candidate is thoroughly screened, ensuring that they meet the criteria outlined during the intake briefing.

This structured and prompt initiation of cooperation offers a glimpse into the efficiency and commitment you can expect throughout the entirety of your IT recruitment project with dotLinkers. Every step is carefully orchestrated to kick-start the collaboration on a positive and productive note, setting the stage for successful recruitment and a strong partnership.


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