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IT Recruitment in Poland 2024 - Insights

IT Recruitment in Poland is the new cost-effective trend. Being the best IT Recruitment Agency in Poland we provide recruitment services that fit your IT recruitment needs.

Attracting the top developers in Poland to work in your firm can help your business. In today’s time of economic crisis, due to the COVID19 pandemic, businesses have already been hampered a lot globally. Therefore, not a lot of companies are looking to hire globally.

The IT industry is currently booming in Poland. However, it can become tricky when hiring developers in Poland if you’re looking for the top-notch talent.

In this article, we have laid out some strategies that can help you land the best developers in Poland in 2024.

Hiring Developers In Poland In 2024

As businesses continue to shift towards digitalization, the demand for skilled developers has skyrocketed. Poland has emerged as a prime location for sourcing top-notch IT talent, with its thriving tech ecosystem and skilled workforce. Poland's reputation as a hub of tech-savvy professionals is well-deserved, with its rich pool of IT talent constantly growing. From software developers to web developers, Python to Java specialists, Poland offers a diverse range of skilled developers with experience in various industries. As we enter 2024, the demand for skilled developers will only continue to rise. Companies across the globe are seeking to build cutting-edge digital products, and Poland's talent pool provides the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.
  1. Reference – Ask Your Current Team

This might be the best way to hire developers in Poland. Ask your current tech subordinates for referrals to the best developers in their circle. Why is it the best way? Because you’re getting referrals from the ones you already trust your work with.

However, this strategy works if you already have top-notch tech talent in your team.

  1. Get In Touch With Local IT Recruitment Agencies

Even big IT companies rely on the best local IT recruitment agencies to find the top talent in Poland. This strategy can give you an edge over your competitors because of the recruitment agencies’ wide network, resources and relationships with the best engineers.

Local IT recruitment agencies use a qualitative approach to get top talent for your firm that matches its culture and values. This will ensure that the developer will stay for the long term instead of a couple of months.

  1. Use Content Marketing – It’s Slow But Effective

This strategy is one of the best ways to hire developers in Poland. It can help attract the best developers but it will take some time. Content marketing has more benefits than you think, it not only helps in hiring but also increases marketing reach.

  1. While Hiring, Show Them The Potential Room For Growth

Like everyone else, developers get bored if she/he no longer face challenges. Because let’s face it, mundane work with little or no room to grow can only retain the best talent for a short period. This is why it is important to let the prospective developer know the potential room for growth if they work for your firm.

  1. Try using IT Job Boards in Poland

There are a number of IT job boards in Poland that can be a good resource for finding IT jobs in the country. IT recruitment agencies use them also. Some of the most popular include Pracuj.pl, NoFluffJobs, Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Justjoin.it 

To Sum It Up

If you keep asking yourself: How do I recruit in Poland? These simple strategies can help IT solution companies for hiring developers in Poland, especially top-notch talent. If you’re still unsure how to hire the best talent, it’d be a great idea to hire one of the IT recruitment agencies that can do it for you.

Salaries & IT talent pool in Poland

In recent years, with rapid technological development, the IT industry has been growing multifold, within a very short span of time.

This growth has also led to the IT industry being one of the largest employers not only in Poland, but all across the world. Youngsters have been flocking to the IT industry, to pursue their careers.

It does help, that with the IT industry growing by leaps and bounds, the number of roles available for IT professionals to pursue has also increased in number.

As an IT recruitment agency, we observe that with the large increase in the number of roles the salaries being paid to the IT professionals also increase.

However, the salaries are also spread out in a huge range. The greater number of skills, especially unique ones one can garner in the IT industry the higher their demand shall be.

Salaries of Employees in the IT Sector:

When it comes to developers who are starting out with their careers, the salary can start around USD 19.2k$ – 27.6k$/year (7 000 – 10 000 PLN gross/month).

This is for the developers who are aware of the more popular languages, such as Java, JavaScript and C/C++.

However, once they gain experience, and more specialization, their salary is expected to quickly rise to much higher levels. As they gain more experience with time, they can even grow to positions such as team leader and senior developer within their organization.

At such positions, senior employees can expect to earn between USD 60k$ – 102k$/year (22 000 to 37 000 PLN/month).

Apart from developers, there are various other areas as well, where IT companies hire employees in large numbers.

Automation is one of the areas where many IT companies have started to focus on.

A QA engineer in their early career can expect to earn between USD 19.2k$ – 27.6k$/year (7 000 – 10 000 PLN gross/month), while with seniority this can increase to USD 42k$ – 50.4k$/year (15 000 – 18 000 PLN gross/month).

Salaries for Other IT Positions:

With the advent of Cloud Computing, demand for positions such as DevOps and Cloud Engineers have also increased. A DevOps and Cloud Engineer, are the most coveted positions in the IT industry today.

There are a large number of youths looking to land such a position in a reputed IT organization.

Hence, the pay is also higher in this position, with a DevOps or Cloud Engineer early on in their career earning about USD 50.4k$ – 66.66k$/year (18 000 – 24 000 PLN gross/month). Senior DevOps Engineer salary varies from USD 80.4k$ to- 111k$/year (29 000 – 40 000 PLN gross/month).

For IT Desk-Service team leader, which is now a relatively higher position, an employee can earn about USD 30.6k$/year (11 000 PLN gross/month).

Those employees who are responsible for data security in important industries such as banking and finance can earn anywhere between USD 55.2k$ – 66.66k$/year (20 000 – 24 000 PLN gross/month).

Local IT recruitment agencies from Poland have access to fresh data including current talent pool and salaries in the IT sector.

With the huge inflow and easy availability of information, all across the world we all now know that the IT industry is currently huge everywhere in the world. Poland stands no different to this, with the IT industry and the huge IT corporates, being some of the biggest employers in the country.

However, when it comes to the offshoring of projects, Poland is a huge prospect as well. In offshoring, a company will ideally relocate some of its processes and offices to different locations for a competitive advantage. Poland offers this competitive advantage in a number of different ways.


How Poland Can Offer You a Competitive Advantage:

  1. A Huge Market – It is one of the largest software development services providers in the entirety of Central Europe, ranking 2nd only to Russia. Also, the Central European region is home to about a million software developers. More than a quarter of them live in Poland alone.
  2. Quality and Quantity – With Poland you will never compromise on quality. Not only does it offer huge quantities of software developments, it also gives good quality products at much cheaper prices. For creating a tech team, that will produce optimum work at relatively cheaper prices, Poland is the location to be.
  3. Superior Education – Education imparted to students in Poland, is of absolute unmatched quality. Hence, the employees you hire shall be of super superior educational background. They shall have been trained to take on any task that you give them.
  4. Huge Talent Pool – A very important aspect of offshoring to any location, is to have a good talent pool to select from. Having good candidates in close proximity can make the functioning of the business much easier in the long run. A huge majority of the Software developer community also offers more than three years of experience.
  5. Diverse Talent Pool – If you are looking for diversity within your company, Poland shall offer that to you as well.

The software developer community in Poland has a good representation of developers in all three strata –

  • Juniors make up about 37% of the community
  • Mid-level or Regulars make up about 30% of the community
  • Senior developers make up about 33% of the community

Hence, the talent pool in Poland shall be able to cater to all of your choices.

Additional Skills – The talent pool in Poland, has not only focused on building their software development skills but also their overall development as well. If you believe that language may be a barrier, then do not worry. Developers across Poland have focused on strengthening their English skills, to avoid any such troubles.

Hence, these are all the reasons why Poland should be your company’s next target location. 


Advantages and difficulties of hiring in Poland

Benefits in hiring in Poland

There are several benefits for a worldwide tech companies in hiring IT specialists in Poland:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost of living in Poland is significantly lower than in the USA or Western Europe, which means that salaries for IT specialists in Poland are also lower. This can lead to significant (up to 60%) cost savings for tech companies that hire IT professionals from Poland.
  • Highly skilled workforce: Poland has a well-educated and highly skilled workforce, particularly in the areas of IT, engineering, and technology – over 300k people. There are many universities and technical schools in Poland that produce graduates with strong skills in programming, software development, and other IT-related fields. Only Krakow universities annually graduate more than 2500 computer science students.
  • Strong technological infrastructure: Poland has a well-developed technological infrastructure, with a high penetration of high-speed internet and a large number of IT companies. This means that IT professionals in Poland have access to the latest technologies and can work effectively with remote teams. Poland has a relatively high degree of digitization, with a sizable portion of the populace regularly utilizing smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Additionally, a lot of companies and government agencies have adopted digital technology and provide online choices for things like communication and banking.
  • Cultural similarities: Poland and the US share many cultural similarities, which can make it easier for US-based companies to work with IT professionals in Poland. This can include similar business practices, communication styles, and a shared understanding of the English language. Google, Cisco, Qurate Group, Evident ID – they already hire in Poland!
  • Time zone: Poland is located in the Central European time zone, which means that it has similar working hours as the US. This can be beneficial for companies that need to communicate and collaborate with their IT teams during regular business hours.
  • Flexibility: Hiring IT specialists in Poland may allow US-based companies to expand their team with people that can work during European hours and cover more time zones, helping to improve the 24/7 support and global coverage for their clients.

In summary, hiring IT specialists in Poland can be a cost-effective and efficient way for US-based companies to expand their teams with highly skilled professionals who have access to the latest technologies, share similar culture and speak the same language, and are available during the same work hours. Poland is a member of both the European Union and NATO, which provides a high level of legal and military security for the country, its citizens and business partners. You can us our IT recruitment agency to make this process faster and more efficient.

Challenges in hiring in Poland

  • Hiring competition: Poland has a large and well-educated IT workforce, so tech firms may face competition when trying to recruit top IT talent from Poland.
  • Lack of brand recognition: Some IT companies may not be as well-known in Poland, which can make it more difficult to attract top IT talent.
  • Time zone differences: Poland is in the Central European Time (CET) zone, which could make coordinating and communicating with Polish IT specialists more difficult for US-based companies.

10 Trends in IT recruitment for 2024

Remote recruitment:

With the shift towards remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are likely to adopt remote recruitment processes to find and hire IT talents. This means that employers will need to invest in tools and technologies that facilitate virtual interviews, remote testing, and other methods of remote evaluation.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Recruitment processes are becoming more automated, using AI and machine learning to assist in candidate screening, interview scheduling, and other tasks. This could allow for more efficient and effective recruitment processes and the ability to analyze more candidate data.

Emphasis on soft skills:

As technology evolves, the demand for specific technical skills is likely to change. Employers will be looking for candidates with not only the technical skills, but also the soft skills, such as adaptability, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Companies will prioritize DEI in their recruitment and hiring efforts. This could include initiatives such as removing unconscious bias in the hiring process, promoting diverse and underrepresented groups, and creating inclusive and welcoming environments for all candidates and employees.

Increased use of OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) in IT recruitment:

Employers will continue to use Open-Source Intelligence tools and techniques to find the best candidates for their companies.

B2B contracts:

In 2024, B2B contracts are rapidly emerging as a growing trend in the IT recruitment industry. Interestingly, in comparison to traditional employment contracts, the number of B2B contracts in the IT industry is on the rise. Many IT professionals prefer B2B contracts as they offer greater flexibility and autonomy. Furthermore, B2B contracts can also be more financially lucrative for IT professionals as they are often paid higher rates than traditional employees. In the IT industry, B2B contracts are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to traditional employment arrangements. With the growing demand for IT skills and expertise, the use of B2B contracts is likely to continue to increase in the years to come.

Hiring remotely:

With the increased adoption of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are realizing that they can expand their talent pool by hiring candidates from anywhere in the world, rather than limiting themselves to local candidates. Hiring remotely also allows companies to save on office space, equipment, and other overhead costs associated with traditional office-based work. Additionally, it can help to promote a more diverse and inclusive workforce, as companies are able to hire candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and geographies. As a result, hiring remotely is likely to become a permanent feature of IT recruitment in the coming years, as companies seek to stay competitive and attract the best talent from around the world.

Decreasing the number of recruitment steps:

Companies are recognizing that the traditional recruitment process can be time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient, and are therefore streamlining their hiring procedures to make them more agile and effective. By reducing the number of recruitment steps, companies can not only save time and money, but also improve the candidate experience and increase their chances of attracting and retaining top talent. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years, as companies seek to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving IT job market.

Salary transparency:

By being transparent about salary ranges and the factors that determine compensation, companies can build trust with candidates and increase the likelihood of attracting top talent. This can also help to address issues of pay equity and promote a more inclusive and diverse workforce. In addition, companies are leveraging technology to collect and analyze data on salary trends and industry benchmarks, which can help them to ensure that their compensation practices are competitive and aligned with market standards.

Less coding tasks, more pair programming:

Companies are recognizing that coding tasks, while useful for assessing technical skills, can also be time-consuming and may not accurately reflect a candidate’s ability to work effectively in a team. Pair programming, on the other hand, involves two or more developers working together on the same code, which can help to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of more robust and high-quality code. By incorporating pair programming into their recruitment process, companies can assess not only a candidate’s technical skills but also their ability to work effectively in a team and communicate with others. This can help to ensure that new hires are a good fit for the company culture and can contribute to the success of the team. Additionally, pair programming can help to promote continuous learning and improvement, as developers can learn from one another’s coding styles, techniques, and problem-solving strategies. Overall, the trend towards fewer coding tasks and more pair programming is likely to continue in the coming years, as companies recognize the benefits of assessing both technical skills and teamwork abilities in their recruitment process.


Our IT Recruitment in Poland formula is to link the best IT Talents with the best IT companies from all around the world. This way can offer the most excellent job opportunities and attract the highest level of talent.

Success breeds success. Cutting-edge companies appeal to job candidates with cutting edge skills, and we are passionate about putting the two together to make a perfect fit.

We can find you an office, file all of the paperwork, get you started and help you choose a team to take on the world. Did you know that you can save up to 46% of your software development costs if you set up your R&D centre in Poland? Now is the right time to change the world.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | IT Recruitment in Poland
dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | IT Recruitment in Poland


We set the standards of IT Recruitment in Poland offering a concrete business model that fits your recruitment needs.

Our clients are genuine disruptors and innovators. Unicorns. They aren’t looking for an IT recruitment agency in Poland that uses cheap and inefficient methods to find candidates such as mass emailing and impersonal connection requests. Our clients benefit from our experienced team and personalized networking techniques. We understand the tech talent we represent.

We take their trust seriously and we know how to place them in a team they will be successful in. Their success powers the success of our clients, and this is the harmony we strive to achieve with every position we fill.


Most of the talented candidates we work with are ready to make a difference and to have a real impact. These are highly sought-after software developers who could have their choice of companies to work for, and they come to us to find the one that will keep them challenged, engaged, and rewarded.

They want to be valuable partners in innovation, whether that is in the fields of AI, big data and business intelligence, Fintech, IoT, or so many of the other emerging fields. They want to contribute and be part of something truly special.

Discover why Polish developers are among the best in the world and why IT Recruitment in Poland in becoming a new established trend.

dotLinkers - IT Recruitment Agency | IT Recruitment in Poland


Through our extensive network, we have access to talent that few other companies can match. Hiring and onboarding new team members is expensive, so there are real risks of not having the highest-level candidate list to choose from. There is a solution for this – IT recruitment in Poland with dotLinkers – the best IT recruitment agency in Poland. We ensure that the candidates we match you with are the right ones for your organization.


We take IT Recruitment in Poland very seriously and we are ready to take your company to next level thanks to our experience and expertise.