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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about dotLinkers and the IT recruitment agency environment.

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Do you work only with a startups?

No, our IT recruitment agency collaborates with both startups and companies of various industries and sizes. We always view each job opportunity through the eyes of candidates, whether it’s dynamic startups or established enterprises. Our goal is to find ideal candidates who not only fit the company’s specifics but also contribute to the success of our clients.

What do IT recruitment agencies do?

IT recruitment agencies specialize in searching, selecting, and recruiting highly qualified IT professionals. Their goal is to effectively match candidates with the needs of IT companies, speeding up the recruitment process and assisting in finding the best industry talents.

Why collaborate with an IT recruitment agency?

Collaborating with an IT recruitment agency brings numerous benefits, including a shortened recruitment timeline, professional alignment of candidates with job requirements, access to a broad network of IT specialists, and optimal resource utilization, allowing a focus on key business activities. Additionally, an IT recruitment agency can assist the client in crafting a competitively positioned market offer, a crucial element in attracting top-tier professionals.

What are the differences between an employment contract and B2B?

The main distinction lies in the fact that employment contracts (UoP) are regulated by labor law, unlike B2B contracts, which fall under civil law. This means that certain rights and obligations, standard in employment contracts, are not automatically included in B2B contracts and can be negotiated between the employer and contractor. Additionally, it’s worth noting that B2B contracts may come with various tax benefits, as the employer is not required to cover additional costs, contributions, and other benefits.

Do you operate on a success fee basis?

Yes, our recruitment agency operates on a success fee basis. This means that the fee for our services is charged only in the event of a successful candidate placement.

Do you work in the RPO model?

Yes, we also offer services in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. RPO is a strategic approach where the recruitment agency acts as an extension of the client’s HR department, managing selected or all aspects of the recruitment process. In the case of RPO, a subscription-based model applies, meaning that the recruitment agency charges a fixed, pre-established monthly fee.

What services does your IT recruitment agency offer?

Our IT recruitment agency provides the following services: Success Fee: Performance-based payment, where fees are only charged in the event of a successful candidate placement. RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): We offer comprehensive management of the recruitment process, covering all stages from candidate identification to final selections. Through these services, we aim to effectively tailor our approach to the specific needs of our clients in the IT specialist recruitment field. In practice, the Success Fee model is well-suited for smaller recruitment volumes, while RPO serves as an efficient solution for larger-scale projects.

How does collaboration in the success fee model differ from the RPO model?

In the success fee model, the agency receives payment only upon the successful hiring of a candidate, typically in the form of a percentage of the new employee’s salary. Conversely, in the RPO model, the client pays the agency a fixed, pre-established monthly fee. The recruitment agency manages the client’s recruitment process on a broader scale, acting as an extension of their HR department.

What is the candidate replacement guarantee?

The candidate replacement guarantee means that in the event the candidate hired by our client leaves the position within a specified period from the date of employment, we will provide a free re-recruitment for the same position.

How do we verify candidates?

We have an extensive database of professionals with proven competencies, enabling us to conduct effective selection and present candidates of the highest quality. The verification process includes analyzing their experience, skills, and professional references. Our goal is to provide clients with high-quality and precisely matched candidates.

How long does it take to find a candidate?

The time required to find the right candidate can vary depending on the nature of the position and the job market. We strive to operate efficiently, carefully selecting candidates, a process that typically takes from a few days to a few weeks. For the most sought-after positions, we usually present candidates within a few days of commencing the recruitment process.

I'm looking for a job. How can I apply?

To apply, visit the “Job Offers” section on our website. You can also find current announcements on our social media channels. Don’t forget to check popular job boards, where we also post our listings. We look forward to receiving your application!

How much does it cost? Collaboration fee?

The collaboration fee is tailored to the specific needs of the client and depends on the chosen collaboration model: success fee or RPO. We ensure flexibility in our solutions to provide the client with optimal adaptation to their specific recruitment requirements. Before signing the agreement, we organize detailed meetings to discuss all cost-related matters, adapting to the client’s expectations. Our goal is transparency and a complete understanding of the collaboration terms before commencing the recruitment process.

Do you also collaborate with large companies?

Yes, we collaborate with both large corporations and smaller enterprises. Our offerings are flexible and adapt to the needs of companies of various sizes.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Our recruitment process comprises several key steps. Initially, we analyze the client’s needs, define the job profile, and formulate a search strategy. We then actively source candidates, leveraging both our professional database and various external channels. The next stages involve qualification interviews and competency verification. Finally, we present the best-matched candidates to the client. Our goal is efficiency, precision, and satisfaction for both the client and candidates.

Which IT positions are the highest paying?

The highest paying IT positions include roles such as artificial intelligence specialists, data engineers, cloud solution architects, cybersecurity experts, and blockchain developers. However, the salary level may depend on factors such as location, experience, and specialization.

What is a headhunter?

A headhunter is a term used to describe a professional recruiter specializing in actively seeking and acquiring highly qualified candidates for key positions. Headhunters often work for recruitment agencies or firms, supporting recruitment processes at the highest levels of organizations.

Who is an IT recruiter?

An IT recruiter is a recruitment specialist who specializes in searching, selecting, and acquiring candidates for positions related to information technology. Their role is to effectively match highly qualified IT professionals with the needs of companies.

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