Quality Assurance

Test Automation Engineer | Krakow | #1318

  • Location: Krakow
  • Position: Test Automation Engineer
  • Industry: SaaS (more…)

Quality assurance (QA) is a crucial aspect of software development, and having a skilled QA specialist on your team is essential for ensuring that your applications meet your quality standards. At our IT recruitment agency in Poland, we have a comprehensive database of experienced QA specialists who can help you manage your testing processes, automate your testing, and ensure the quality of your applications.
QA engineers are responsible for creating and executing test cases, documenting test results, and working with developers to identify and fix issues. They use various tools and methodologies to ensure that software products are reliable, secure, and meet the needs of end-users. In addition to functional and security testing, Quality Assurance engineers also perform usability testing to ensure that software products are user-friendly and meet the needs of end-users. They test software products to ensure that they are intuitive, easy to use, and provide a positive user experience.
Our recruiters have a vast network of QA engineers with strong analytical skills, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to identify and solve complex problems. Our Quality Assurance engineers are proficient in using various testing methodologies and tools, including manual testing, automated testing, Selenium, Appium, and JIRA. They have experience working with various development teams, including software engineers, product managers, and DevOps engineers.
At dotLinkers, we specialize in finding top-quality QA engineers who have the necessary skills and expertise to help ensure the success of your software projects. We have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the QA function, and we are dedicated to finding candidates who can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you’re looking for a Quality Assurance engineer to lead your team or to work as an individual contributor, we can help you find the right person for the job.